Upon a chance meeting with herself, Misha became the artist presently known as Misha Bear. Misha delivers deep lust and love-fuelled emotion paired with catchy tunes and quirky rhythms.


This Melbourne bred girl is back in her home-town after a decade-long stint in Perth, where she concentrated on learning bass and recording 2 albums, Mouche and Coccinelle. The most recent album has been remixed and mastered and was re-released as 'Ladybug' in June 2018.

Misha now manages the Misha Bear Band and has 3 brand new CDs in the pipeline for release in 2019.


Misha Bear is a passionate and charismatic performer and has performed in most of the major Australian cities as well as in New Zealand and Indonesia.



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Misha Bear has 3 releases:

Sugar Coated -

Single released 2019

Ladybug -

Album released 2018

Mouche -

EP Released 2014 

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"Helluva yes! Captivating music with an even more captivating voice. Definitely a delight to see when she performs!"  
Madeleine Chiodo  Founder, Manager  and Photographer at X Format

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